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2024 "Nuc" Hive of Bees

2024 "Nuc" Hive of Bees

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Start or continue your beekeeping journey with a brand new “nuc” colony of bees - a portable, 5-frame hive of honeybees with a marked, laying queen and lots of resources.

IMPORTANT: Nucs are not available for shipping. Pickup at the CharlieBee store in New Berlin, TX (Seguin) only.

SOURCE: We pull our nucs from our own bees in Central Texas and from hives from commercial stock coming out of the almond fields of California. Each new nuc gets a 2024 Pol-Line queen - bees that have been selected for their sensitivity to varroa mites in the hive. Ask us about it and we'll tell you more - we love these queens! 

Click and purchase as many nucs as you need and the CharlieBee team will contact you as soon as they are ready for pickup - starting in mid-April through end of May.

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