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Charlie the beekeeper rescues killer “Africanized” honeybees from desperate and dangerous situations and makes lots of friends along the way!



Welcome to Charlie Bee Company of New Braunfels, Texas!

Beekeeper Charlie Agar serves clients all along the I-35 corridor from San Antonio to Austin.

Charlie captures nuisance honey bees from walls and trees and takes them to a rural “bee-hab” for a little rehabilitation. He then leases bees for agricultural tax valuation on ranch properties all across the area. The byproduct of all this work is golden delicious Texas Hill Country honey Charlie likes to call “Liquid Sunshine.” For honey orders or help with all things honey bees in and around New Braunfels, Texas, contact Charlie by phone or text at 830.708.8797 or by email at . And stay tuned for announcements about the Charlie Bee Company TV Series!

Bee Removal

Bee removals fall into a few simple categories and Charlie and the guys have time-tested solutions and straight-forward pricing for every nuisance bee problem

Lease Bee Hives

Managing an apiary on your property is a great way to achieve an agricultural tax valuation in the State of Texas. I lease honeybee hives...

Raw Local Honey

Alas, our honey barrels are empty from the 2020 harvest, but please add your name and email address to “the Honey List” to get updates about 2021 harvest and availability.

Thank you to our awesome supporters!

Charlie Bee News

“Cheap Charlie’s” Bee Vac

“Cheap Charlie’s” Bee Vac

July 22, 2021

So you want to be a bee removal expert? First of all … just don’t. It’s dirty, tiring, hot work in Texas. Good, problem solved and you can start collecting stamps or buying BitCoin like “normal” people do. Bye! Wait, are you still reading? You’re a mess. OK, you can CLICK HERE and scroll through … Read More

A note to a New-Bee: How I stopped worrying and learned to keep bees

A note to a New-Bee: How I stopped worrying and learned to keep bees

April 23, 2021

There is no “silver bullet” to successful beekeeping. Please stop looking for one. I know you want perfect hives. I do too. I know you started beekeeping with all of the best intentions. Ditto. Maybe you followed the advice of the most sagely gurus on the internet or at your local bee club and have … Read More

More Naked Bee Removal

More Naked Bee Removal

April 22, 2021

Made you look! LOL! Quick video of a bee removal in San Marcos. These bees were surprisingly gentle, so I was able to remove my veil and even scoop them up with an ungloved hand. Why would I do this? Choose one: a) I am a grandstander b) I want more followers on social media … Read More