Charlie Bee Company is an 8x60min unscripted, docu-follow series about a quirky Texas beekeeper who rescues honeybees from desperate and dangerous situations; with each painful sting, raising awareness for our planet’s most important pollinator.

Episode 1: Welcome to TX Beekeeping!

54m 25s

In the premiere episode of Charlie Bee Company, Charlie hunts for bees in a wall that survived a removal more than 10 years ago. This time, he’s here for them all! The Bee Mobile gets a makeover, Charlie meets soap makers who love his honey, then he tackles an angry Africanized hive in an old oak tree. But nothing will stop Charlie from saving the bees -- the only thing getting crushed is the job!

Rating: NR

Episode 2: Bees, Beers, & Bikes

54m 24s

Charlie visits the oldest hardware store in Texas and a local brewery, to check out their honey ale. Then he gets an assist on a removal from his wife, Kaye -- who has an eye for finding queens. Charlie attempts a hot, hive removal at possibly the largest fireplace ever made. This hive is hidden under a good chunk of concrete and stone. But that’s okay, Charlie is here to save the day!

Rating: NR

Episode 3: Bee School and a Hurricane

Welcome to TX Beekeeping!
55m 4s

Charlie goes back to college where he gets schooled by a bee professor who works on cutting edge bee research. Then, Charlie and crew find themselves in Louisiana in the aftermath of a Hurricane, on one of his toughest removals yet. If you thought live bees were scary, wait until you come across dead bees...and lots of them. Let’s hope you can stomach it better than this good ole beekeeper!

Rating: NR

Episode 4: Queen Me

54m 47s

Charlie takes the city of San Antonio by storm, removing bees from a derelict jet engine, rehabbing a hive at the fabled San Antonio Zoo, and getting into the art of raising, then re-queening colonies. Charlie takes on an eager 5-year-old apprentice beekeeper for a big removal out on an old Texas ranch, then squeaks by a hive inspection by the official state apiary inspector.

Rating: NR

Episode 5: The Business of Bees

54m 24s

All beekeeping and no fun makes Charlie a dull boy! Diving into the business of bees, Charlie sets up a hive lease for Ag exemption, then gets into a squabble with an ill-mannered chainsaw. Charlie tests out a new electric cargo bike and sets up a special hive designed to make harvesting honey a snap. Working alongside a bee vac inventor, Charlie takes on bees in an oversized roadside chicken.

Rating: NR

Episode 6: Two, Tarts

54m 28s

Farm to table. After converting a garage workshop space into a commercial honey house, Charlie welcomes two local bakers who help him rob a few hives, extract the honey, and then take the raw product straight to the bakery to make some culinary magic. Along the way, Charlie catches a swarm in a freight train and has a chance to step in when a hive sends a homeowner to the hospital.

Rating: NR

Episode 7: Honey, Honey

54m 32s

Living the dream in the Land of Milk and Honey. Charlie takes on a doubleheader of hives in rural Texas. Then it’s payday in the bee yards as Charlie turns the tap on his Flow Hive, harvests with his friends Jessica and John, and takes his product to market. He captures a Mexican honey wasp nest and get to tag along with an Africanized bee expert. Oh, and bats ... just lots of bats.

Rating: NR

Episode 8: Beeweaver

55m 16s

In the final episode of Season 1, Charlie goes behind the scenes at a full-scale commercial beekeeping operation dating back to the 1800s. After removing a huge open-air hive in Houston, Charlie tries his hand at Beeweaver Apiaries: shaking packages, sorting bees, and rearing queens -- from grafting larva to their mating flight. Finally, Charlie drops the mic in his very own song and music video.

Rating: NR