What is all the buzz about Charlie Bee?

Charlie Agar is “saving bees and sweetening teas” all across Central Texas.

Charlie’s road to beekeeping was no beeline, though. He once worked the fisheries of Alaska, ski-bummed in Colorado, taught English in Japan, and crisscrossed South and Southeast Asia for years, adventures that morphed into a career as a guidebook writer and later a newspaper reporter.

When dragged against his will to a beekeeping class given by Kirk Tubbs of Tubbs Berry Farm in Twin Falls, Idaho, Charlie caught “bee fever” and got his first hive of honeybees in 2013. He moved to Texas in 2014 and started doing nuisance hive removals and his bee obsession has just snowballed, spawning a bee removal business (the aptly-named “Charlie Bee Company”) and a reality TV series now in development.

Today he owns and operates FrontRow Multimedia, a video production and marketing company based in New Braunfels, where he lives with wife Kaye, three little dogs and backyard chickens.

Beekeeping is lifelong learning and Charlie is always picking up something new thanks to people like his mentor Al Friedle, who taught him every trick in the book, and other kind and helpful beekeepers like Chuck Reburn, Mark and Thiên Gretchen of Gretchen Bee Ranch in Seguin, Texas, as well his good friend George Thomas.

Charlie is a past area director of the Texas Beekeepers Association. He is a volunteer mentor with the non-profit Hives for Heroes, and a regular guest speaker and presenter to groups and organizations all across Central Texas.

Reach out to Charlie by phone or text at 830.708.8797or email him at TakeTheseBees@Gmail.com