That's it for Charlie Bee Company in 2021, y'all!

We're coming into the colder months here in Texas and any nuisance hive removals will have to wait until March so the bees can survive the transition from your wall, tree, or water meter to the CharlieBee bee yard.

Our hives will be getting into their winter clusters to prepare for the cold and we're getting busy building and painting equipment and getting ready for a fun and exciting 2022 with lots in store!

Thank you to all who supported Charlie Bee this past year. We started out in 2021 in the depths of the COVID pandemic, then came Snowmaggedon in February followed by crazy spring weather that spelled one of the worst honey harvests in decades (according to the old-timers). But we muddled through just fine and had a great year in the bees and in our own little bee hive home in New Braunfels.

So grateful to the many folks who reached out to hire Charlie Bee for bee removal instead of calling an exterminator and to the many new students and friends who took up beekeeping with a private lesson at the apiary here in New Braunfels.

To our many friends, neighbors, and New Braunfels Farmer's Market shoppers who bought out our whole crop of spring honey in a matter of mere months, we are so grateful for y'all!

And a special thank you to Ashley Davison and the team at Iniosante Studios, Julie Creveling and Brent Ramirez, for bringing Charlie Bee Company the TV series to life. Standby for big announcements with our show in 2022 and thank you again for your support!

Charlie and Kaye