New Braunfels, TX — When I got the call from a family in Pleasonton, Texas that bees had attacked and killed a family pet, we hurried down to help them out. So sad to hear when a nuisance hive situation becomes a tragedy!

We were able to quickly cut the floor of the shed to get access to the hive and get the bees out – using lots of smoke as we worked to keep the hive confused and calm. The removal was pretty standard for us, really, only the hive was rapidly building up for spring and had a volume of bees. That’s likely the reason for their extreme defensiveness.

We were able to remove these bees safely and take them to a “Bee Rehab” yard where we can get them situated in a hive box, monitor their behavior, and re-queen them with a gentle queen.

We’ve had Africanized Bees in Central Texas since the 1990s, and you can bet that most feral colonies you encounter have some strain of “Apis Mellifera Scutellata,” or the Africanized variety, which are much more defensive and dangerously persistent once they attack.

If you see bees, DO NOT SPRAY THEM WITH ANYTHING! That just makes them mad! Stay clear of the hive entrance and call a beekeeper or your local extension office for recommendations.

If you are stung, get inside … a building, a car, anything. Africanized bees will follow you for miles and won’t quit. Best to get inside a safe space, away from the hive, and remove any bees from your person.

Always seek medical attention with a major sting incident. Stay safe out there, y’all!

If you have troubles with bees anywhere along the I-35 corridor in and around New Braunfels, Texas, visit or call Charlie at 830.708.8797.