Oh how I do love catching swarms?! A swarm is “bees on the move” and if I catch them when they are in a “bivouac,” or hanging in a spot temporarily while they search for a new home, they’re usually happy to move into my bee box with all its good resources for them. “Swarming” is how bees reproduce, and in Texas I catch swarms all year long — a great source for new colonies.

Important note: Once a swarm finds a place to live – usually a cavity like a hollow tree, inside a wall, etc. – they build up honeycomb, the queen starts laying eggs, and they put up stores to become an established hive. Established hives will defend their home pretty aggressively and established hive removal is a much more complex process than catching these bees on the move.

The upshot: Call if you see a swarm! And please don’t spray them. There’s no cost for me to come get ’em as it is just free bees for me!