Made you look! LOL!

Quick video of a bee removal in San Marcos. These bees were surprisingly gentle, so I was able to remove my veil and even scoop them up with an ungloved hand. Why would I do this?

Choose one:
a) I am a grandstander
b) I want more followers on social media
c) I didn’t get enough attention as a child
d) All of the above

Did you pick “all of the above”? Well, you know me too well.

No real reason to do bare naked bee removal except to show off – and I like to show off.

I worry about the message it sends to kids, though, that if you’re really “Zen” you can just stick your face in a beehive and have no problems.

Fact is, most times in removals like this I’ve got taped ankles and wrists to prevent the bees from stinging the crap out of me, and even then I’ll get a few zingers – OUCH!

There is no Zen that can overcome our Africanized hybrids here in Central Texas. But it is a lot of fun when I find gentle bees like this and I’m able to grandstand and show off. So do as I say and not as I do, you hear?!