I highly recommend this upcoming (Saturday, Nov. 7) virtual conference of the Texas Beekeeper’s Association – for anyone from experienced beekeepers to “never-evers.”

I produced two video segments (see below) that will be in the archive and I also serve on the organization’s board, so maybe I might be guilty of some bias, but objectively this is an awesome opportunity to get your learn on.

You can hear from one of the world’s rock star beekeepers, Dr. Sam Ramsey, in his two live presentations – the only two sessions that are “live only” and not recorded. The rest of the conference, including a whole library of beekeeping videos and presentations, are yours to browse for months to come – a great thing to do when you’re sitting around praying that your bees are surviving winter.

The entry fee is just $45 – half of what it would be in-person, I reckon, and a dang bargain.

OK, sales pitch over. Go buy your tickets and thank me later! Happy Beekeeping!