Texas “Dearth”

July 6, 2022By CharlieBee Removal New Braunfels, Charlie Bee TV, Texas Honey

Dearth. It means a “scarcity” or “lack” of something. And the Texas summer dearth is a long season with a total lack of nectar-bearing plants for bees and other pollinators. When the temperatures are consistently above 100F, foliage just shrivels up and the land goes dry. And this year has been downright Biblical so far … Read More

Express News: 2021 Honey Production Down

November 2, 2021By CharlieTexas Honey

By Timothy Fanning San Antonio Express-News — Nov. 1, 2021 Click here for original article This year’s frigid winter storm and summertime droughts may be responsible for decreased honey production in Texas. Since the state is one of the nation’s top producers, there will be even less honey and potentially higher prices. It’s likely that … Read More

Buzzing with Removals

September 27, 2021By CharlieBee Removal New Braunfels, Charlie Bee TV, Texas Honey

Puns about bees and being “busy” are done to death, but suffice it to say I’m “very busy” with removals these days and scurrying to take care of clients before the close of the season when it becomes impossible to remove and “save” hives through the winter. I usually do removals right up through early … Read More

Curbside Pickup Saturday, Jan. 23

January 20, 2021By CharlieTexas Honey

Looking to maintain good social distance? No sweat! The New Braunfels Farmer’s Market is offering curbside pickup this Saturday, Jan. 23 from 9 am to 1 pm at 186 S Castell Ave downtown, just next to Krause’s Biergarten and Cafe. Simply fill out the form below and send payment to Charlie via Venmo at @Charles-Agar. … Read More

Give ’em a lil’ sugar, y’all!

December 18, 2020By CharlieTexas Honey

Is there someone super sweet on your Christmas list this year? Why not get them a little sugar, baby? Honey bee sugar that is, straight from CharlieBee! Treat all or your employees or co-workers to some local-local goodness. One-pound jars or honey sticks make great stocking stuffers. Or buy a big five-pound jar for that … Read More

Video: Hive Tour Spring 2020

August 13, 2020By CharlieCharlie Bee TV, Texas Honey

Nothing I love more than taking folks on a hive tour in one of my apiaries, but with this pesky pandemic we can’t be sharing one another’s air anymore so I thought I’d post this video for a quick virtual tour. Please click and subscribe and reach me any time with bee questions or video … Read More

Interview with Texas Bee Supply

August 7, 2020By CharlieCharlie Bee TV, Texas Honey

I had a great time talking with Blake Shook, an inspiring commercial beekeeper and owner of Texas Bee Supply. Blake has the knack of a good interviewer to not only ask good questions but actively listen and get people talking … and boy did I talk on?! We talked about bee removal, the nuts and … Read More