Swarm Catchin’

August 10, 2020By CharlieUncategorized

Oh how I do love catching swarms?! A swarm is “bees on the move” and if I catch them when they are in a “bivouac,” or hanging in a spot temporarily while they search for a new home, they’re usually happy to move into my bee box with all its good resources for them. “Swarming” … Read More

Interview with Texas Bee Supply

August 7, 2020By CharlieCharlie Bee TV, Texas Honey

I had a great time talking with Blake Shook, an inspiring commercial beekeeper and owner of Texas Bee Supply. Blake has the knack of a good interviewer to not only ask good questions but actively listen and get people talking … and boy did I talk on?! We talked about bee removal, the nuts and … Read More

Comal County Honey for Sale!

August 3, 2020By CharlieTexas Honey

Get your yummy 2020 honey! Raw, unfiltered, and from right here in Comal County! I’ll be at the New Braunfels Farmer’s Market starting Saturday, Aug. 8 from 9 am to 1 pm. Price is $12 per 1 lb. jar and I accept cash and credit cards. You can also email me at takethesebees@gmail.com for special … Read More

We’re on TV!

November 12, 2019By CharlieBee Removal New Braunfels

The Charlie Bee Company TV pilot is live on Amazon Prime. Simply search “Charlie Bee” at Amazon.com or click the graphic below. It’s $1.99 to rent or $5 to buy the 22-minute episode. On December 24, the show will be free to Amazon Prime members — Merry Christmas! This is a chance to get a … Read More