“Cheap Charlie’s” Bee Vac

July 22, 2021By CharlieBee Removal New Braunfels

So you want to be a bee removal expert? First of all … just don’t. It’s dirty, tiring, hot work in Texas. Good, problem solved and you can start collecting stamps or buying BitCoin like “normal” people do. Bye! Wait, are you still reading? You’re a mess. OK, you can CLICK HERE and scroll through … Read More

Bare Naked Bee Removal

March 23, 2021By CharlieCharlie Bee TV

Seems like everyone on social media is getting lots of exposure these days for doing daring things with honeybees without wearing any protective equipment. And while it’s certainly true that a sign of a skilled beekeeper is being able to work bees and read their “mood” and likeliness to sting and then cover up (or … Read More

Winter Bees

February 16, 2021By CharlieCharlie Bee TV

I’ve had lots of questions from folks wondering how bees can survive these record low temperatures and unusual heavy snowfall in Texas recently. “Do bees hibernate?” “Do you have to bring the hives into your garage?” The good news is that honey bees are made for this! All of their hard work over the busy … Read More

Demolition Bee Removal

February 3, 2021By CharlieBee Removal New Braunfels, Charlie Bee TV

We still have potential cold days ahead of us in this new month of February, so I’m not in full bee removal mode yet. But when I get calls like this about a hive in a dangerous situation during a structure demolition, I hustle right to the scene. These bees were a very quick and … Read More

Curbside Pickup Saturday, Jan. 23

January 20, 2021By CharlieTexas Honey

Looking to maintain good social distance? No sweat! The New Braunfels Farmer’s Market is offering curbside pickup this Saturday, Jan. 23 from 9 am to 1 pm at 186 S Castell Ave downtown, just next to Krause’s Biergarten and Cafe. Simply fill out the form below and send payment to Charlie via Venmo at @Charles-Agar. … Read More

Winter Swarms?!

January 19, 2021By CharlieBee Removal New Braunfels, Charlie Bee TV

Short video of a swarm capture on January 18, 2021 Another winter swarm! I caught a little swarm in December and now an early spring swarm on January 18. It’s kind of unusual behavior, as most bees only swarm in spring or when resources are plenty. “Swarming” is how bees reproduce. A successful colony has … Read More

Give ’em a lil’ sugar, y’all!

December 18, 2020By CharlieTexas Honey

Is there someone super sweet on your Christmas list this year? Why not get them a little sugar, baby? Honey bee sugar that is, straight from CharlieBee! Treat all or your employees or co-workers to some local-local goodness. One-pound jars or honey sticks make great stocking stuffers. Or buy a big five-pound jar for that … Read More

Beekeeper Monk

December 9, 2020By CharlieCharlie Bee TV

I’ve always wanted to be a monk. It started in college when I read Beat Generation authors with their focus on Eastern thought or books like Hermann Hesse’s “Siddhartha” and Dostoevsky’s “Brothers Karamazov.” Celibacy sounded like a bummer, but I just really liked something about the idea of simple, communal living and the chance to … Read More