Bee Removal

How do I know they’re honey bees?

Honey bees build their hives in a cavity — an enclosed dry space like the trunk of a tree, the wall of a house, or any structure where they can build their little factory.

If you see a papery substance near a hive opening or hanging from a tree, they’re not honey bees. Best to call an exterminator.

Please text me pictures at 830.708.8797 and I can help you diagnose.

Are you an exterminator?

We just adore bees, even the defensive ones. We don’t kill ’em if we can help it and we take every nuisance hive to a bee yard where they can do their work without getting in the way of humans.

If you need bugs killed, please call an exterminator.

Should I spray them?

If you’re looking for live bee removal and not extermination, please just keep your distance from the hive and call us for an assessment – 830.708.8797.

Do you charge for bee removal?

Bee removal is dirty and dangerous work and we are an experienced, bonded, professional group. We take good care of our customers and are up-front about our fees.

Hive Removal Categories

A Swarm (or “Bivouac”)

This is how bees reproduce. A new colony leaves a larger hive, flies off in a big cloud and hangs somewhere while scouts go look for a new home. The good news: they’ll go away. The other good news: they’re typically not aggressive. Even more good news: I’ll come and get ’em.

Structure Hive Removal

This is the most common problem we work with: a bee colony has built a hive in your eaves, wall, or the skirting of your home. We’ll work with you to find the best way to get to the honeycomb, remove it, and take the bees to a better place!

Tree Hive Removal

Honey bees love to make their homes in big ‘ol Texas live oaks (and pecan trees, and sycamore, etc.) and getting them out can be a trick. We know the trick.

Water Meter Hive Removal

Whoever designed water meters had honey bees in mind. Call your utility company first to ask for suggestions, or call us and we can come get ’em.