Got a call from a homeowner about bees they’d had in a pallet for some time. They’d bought a hive body (deep box) with a bottom board, inner cover, and telescoping cover, and set that near the hive in the hopes the bees would migrate there. They did (either swarmed or moved) and filled the box, unfortunately cross-combing the near-empty box with natural comb.

And these bees were feisty!

The property had just sold and the folks wanted to make sure the new owner didn’t have to deal with bee troubles.

We first assessed the bees in the box. A healthy, queen-right, and very defensive colony. Not a problem! We’d just whisk them away to the “Beehab” and work with them (likely divide and requeen).

Next we removed the original hive from the pallet, cleaned it all up and were on our way.

Happy to be able to help folks with complicated bee problems, and ensure that the bees can carry on doing their work somewhere safe and away from people.

“If you got bees in your eaves, that’s when we roll up our sleeves!” Just call Charlie at 830.708.8797.