Why did the bees choose me?

October 11, 2019By CharlieBee Removal New Braunfels

It’s not you! Really! So often when I arrive at a home where there’s a nuisance bee hive, folks are somehow embarrassed by the bees in their eaves, tree, or in a crawl space. Let it go! Bees reproduce by casting off a swarm (usually in springtime) and search out new places to build their … Read More

We go anywhere for bees!

August 15, 2019By CharlieBee Removal New Braunfels

We’ll go just about anywhere to remove bees, and on this job my mentor Al Friedle and I had the extra help of a mechanical lift to get us up into the trees to take down a hive that had taken up in an owl box. Nothing is more fun than going up high in … Read More

I got bees in my attic!

June 25, 2019By CharlieBee Removal New Braunfels

A big hive removal from the second-story floor joists of a residential home in rural Guadalupe County, Texas. These bees had been there a while and the hive was full of delicious honey (we just finished an epic nectar flow). Got these girls out thanks to the help of my good friend George Thomas and … Read More

Spring Swarm Chasing

May 28, 2019By CharlieBee Removal New Braunfels

Catching swarms is magical! I just love when I get the first swarm call in springtime (which is usually late February here in Central Texas) and it’s a hoot to run around catching swarms all spring. But what is a swarm? It’s an important part of the honey bee’s reproductive cycle. When a hive is … Read More